Life isn't simple, neither are humans.
Module #1

In the Mirror,
On the Street

An exploration of the dichotomy between how an individual's style represents a cumulation of their life experiences and identities compared to how people use someone's style as a rationale for a variety of character judgments, even though we often are incorrect in our assumptions.

Vol 1 Soul On My Sleeve


Judgement Processes

Exploring the ways in which we make judgments about others. Looking at Fundamental Attribution Error, and establish the idea of the observer and the self.

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What is intersectionality? Why is it so important? We are the sum of our parts, and it is always important to remember that we are not one simple thing and should never be reduced to being only one identity.



Fashion Through Experience

Our entire life experience creates our style, yet can we interpret a person through their clothes or is that too difficult and nuanced for anyone other than the person wearing the clothes?



Looking Past Bias

Can we move past snap judgments? Can we look past the exterior to see the individual beneath?


Vol 2 My Style Story

Web resource with potential aspects of a person’s life that can affect their personal aesthetic, each with testimony. To supplement the testimony, the content producers will be partnered with another person and have a recorded conversation around the influences on their own style.

Vol 3 The Effect of Style

A video interview series of professionals including psychology professors and professional stylists discussing the psychological procedures and phenomenons we experience when viewing others, and the importance of understanding how to properly represent your own self with your clothing.

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Vol 4 The Looking Glass

A digital zine exploring how one person may wear multiple different styles on average and can be perceived differently, even if they are the same otherwise.


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