Life isn't simple, neither are humans.
Module #1

In the Mirror,
On the Street

An exploration of the dichotomy between how an individual's style represents a cumulation of their life experiences and identities compared to how people use someone's style as a rationale for a variety of character judgments, even though we often are incorrect in our assumptions.

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What's the Point of Seeing Through?

To look beyond the simple answer;
To peer into the hidden depths;
To observe the inner workings;
To examine established perspectives;
To envision what it means to accept one other.

We hope to seek out and cause discussion surrounding the complexity of being humans. We wish to remind everyone that since living life is extremely difficult for all, we should constantly be looking for ways to better understand one another. Seeing Through’s goal is to look at the theme from an intersectional point of view since every human is influenced in complex and diverse ways.

One way that we hope to showcase this idea is to come at the topics from a multitude of angles. Using scientific knowledge, emotions, stories, art, and everything else we can get our hands on will allow for a greater discussion to occur.


In order to see through simple answers, we have to be able to delve into the depths of a subject, and that can’t be accomplished by only discussing the subject once. To alleviate this, Seeing Through will release multiple pieces centered around a theme of varying mediums. The end goal of each theme isn’t to reach an answer or end goal, but rather it is an exercise in contemplation, and hopefully group contemplation.


Each theme will have around 2-4 pieces of content released for each theme. The person who creates the theme will be the facilitator all the pieces of content to ensure that the messages whilst varied are all aligned to the initial theme and goal. A theme can be a question, an observation, a discussion, anything that helps us to ponder an aspect of being human. The hope is to bring various areas of life into the spotlight utilizing any means we can from art to science.

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About the Creator

Riley is someone who loves to intellectually explore, if there is a question or thought that piques his interest then he has to needs to look up the answer, even if it doesn't influence his daily life. Due to this urge, Riley has accumulated a random assortment of knowledge that often doesn't actually amount to anything useful, yet it was also due to this urge that Seeing Through is being created.

By day Riley is a graphic designer who works as an in house designer for a local Seattle company. He also co-owns a digital marketing agency with his brother. Any other time he will probably be curled up with his kindle, his cat, and his wonderful fiancee Catherine.